Homelessness Prevention

Housing Counseling with housing assistance includes intervention to prevent the loss of housing, assessment of needs, housing affordability plans, budget counseling, help accessing community and government resources, special services for homeless persons, renters, and home owners.

 Some of the ways we help:

For Homeless Persons

  • help to access shelter and other Manchester Homeless Continuum of Care services
  • help to access transitional and permanent supportive housing. Read more about our permanant supportive housing program, Your Way Home.
  • help to access homeless health care services
  • NH Homeless Housing Revolving Access Loan Fund for 1st month rent and/or security deposit

For Renters

  • application for NH Housing Security Guarantee Program for security deposit loans
  • apartment inspections, tenant education, landlord/tenant negotiations for more affordable rent or needed repairs, mediation/homeless prevention grants to prevent eviction or utility shut-off

For Home Owners

  • Pre-purchase assistance: We help assess budgets, identify strategies to maintain affordability, identify total costs of homeownership, review strategies to meet basic family needs, help establish savings accounts, offer steps to improve credit ratings, compare the overall cost of homeownership to the cost of renting.
  • Mortgage default prevention and intervention: We provide strategies to both the homeowner and the mortgage servicer to prevent foreclosure, determining options available through the specific lender and government program, offer a financial assessment of family income/expenses, outline a menu of cost-cutting options, review programs available to assist the client to consolidate debt, and set up payment plans.
  • Post-purchase assistance: We provide finaical management assistance, including education on basic credit issues, money management, and management of household resources to meet family goals.
  • Financial Literacy Education Program: We provide workshops tailored for different audiences which include information about household management of cash and non-cash resources, credit use, how to avoid predator lending, fair housing, and tenant rights.

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26 chronically homeless adults with disabilities found permanent housing through The Way Home.