Affordable Housing

Transitional and Special Needs Housing

Above our Housing Resource Center, The Way Home provides 7 units of transitional supportive housing for homeless children and their care-givers.


Permanent Supportive Housing

Spruce Keys Family Housing provides 3 4-bedroom apartments for large families.

The price and age of Manchester's existing housing stock puts large low-income families at risk of homelessness or lead poisoning. Built in 2010, Spruce Keys Family Housing begins to meet that need. Its location on The Way Home's campus also allows residents access to our full range of supportive services.

Thanks to a HUD Samaritan Intitiative Grant, The Way Home also provides 9 units of permanent housing for chronically homeless individuals with disabilities. That housing is provided in conjunction with The Way Home's Steps to Success coaching.


Veteran Housing 

Completed in September 2012, Laurel Keys opened its doors and houses 6 formerly homeless  disabled veterans.  Veterans are increasing among the homeless in need of supportive housing. Recognizing these barriers to independence, The Way Home focuses on building a relationship of trust and mutual respect. 


Affordable Rental Housing Units

The Way Home owns and manages 9 units of affordable housing in Allenstown, NH. 


Housing Assistance Fund - Security Deposit Loans

Since opening our doors in 1988, our housing assistance fund has leveraged over $2 million in security deposit guarantees to help more than 4,500 households secure homes. We work in partnership with Manchester's Community Improvement Program and the NH Bureau of Homeless and Housing Services. In addition to our loan programs, we have a fund for homeless prevention grant.

  • Security Deposit Guarantees: In 1993, The Way Home’s Security Deposit Guarantee became the model for State Legislation, creating the State of New Hampshire Housing Security Guarantee Program. While the landlord is guaranteed the security deposit, the tenant is helped to make budgeted monthly payments.
  • NH Rental Guarantees: In 2000, The Way Home piloted a program for the State to provide incentives to property owners to rent to homeless families.
  • Homeless Housing Revolving Access Loan Fund: In 2008, The Way Home became a local administrator for a new initiative to help homeless persons secure rental housing.

242 households secured or prevented the loss of safe housing in Manchester last year.